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Volume 11, Issue 4
Jul/Aug 1997
Theme: Knowledge Based Systems

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Data-Mining in the Financial Markets: Data Related Issues - How do you select the appropriate data for a data-mining project? How do you increase the data's information content? Thomas Rathburn answers these questions and others as he continues his three part series on data-mining.
Knowledge-Based CAD -- The knowledge of experienced system designers can be a key component of a modern CAD system. Kevin Duggan and Craig Wyatt show how one such system came to be, as they describe its development, components, and rule-based design.
Knowledge Verification -- It's important to determine that the knowledge in an expert system is the right knowledge for the job. Richard Hicks describes the process of making that determination, and shows how it defines a well-formed rule base.
A Knowledge-Based Decision System - Once the province of experienced decision analysts, complex strategic decisions can now result from the work of sophisticated knowledge-based software. Don Creswell reports on a system that arrives at important decisions about Research and Development projects.
Redefining Knowledge - Daniel Rasmus explores a wide array of issues that pertain to managing knowledge in the corporate sector, and presents ideas about tools that help us track what we know.

Interview - Russell Henke of Franz Inc.  
Agents - Making Better Agents by Dan Rasmus
Intelligence Files - Merger Mania Hits AI by David Blanchard
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The Power of Knowledge

Several decades ago, Artificial Intelligence researchers shifted their emphasis from general problem-solvers to systems which meet challenges in specific areas. At the time they probably had no idea of the consequences of this shift, nor of the business-related opportunities it would create. The ultimate effect of their refocused efforts was the rise of knowledge-based systems - a field which has led AI out of the groves of academia into the world of commerce. In this issue, we examine recent developments in knowledge-based systems and we show you the power they provide.
  Senior Editor Daniel Rasmus ("Redefining Knowledge") raises intriguing issues about knowledge management and about the tools we use to manage the knowledge we create. In his current installment of "Agents," Rasmus supports this theme by describing intelligent agents which help us keep track of knowledge. Richard Hicks ("Knowledge Varification") shows the design payoffs that result when you properly verify the domain knowledge you acquire during expert systems development.
  Kevin Duggan and Craig Wyatt ("Knowledge-Based CAD") give us a look at a Computer-Aided Design system which depends heavily on the expert knowledge of experienced systems designers. Capturing this knowledge has resulted in a design tool which significantly increases the productivity of its users. Don Creswell ("A Knowledge-Based Decision System") presents a profile of a tool for making important decisions about Research and Development projects.
  In addition to our knowledge-based systems articles, we bring you information from other sectors of the Artificial Intelligence world. Publisher Terry Hengl interviews Russell Henke, the new President and Chief Operating Officer of Franz, Inc. Long a mainstay in the AI business, Franz produces development environments that serve as a foundation for applications in a variety of industries. Thomas Rathburn ("Data-Mining in the Financial Markets") continues his series on data-mining. This second installment of his three-part series covers a wide range of topics that pertain to the data used in a data-mining project. Also in the data-mining field, Contributing Editor Jeff Rapaport reviews software from WizSoft which looks for rules and patterns that lurk inside a database. Think of these two articles as companion-pieces: Rathburn describes data-related issues and Rapaport reviews tools which resolve them.
  Alert readers will note the absence of Hal Berghel's "Cybernautica." Our estimable and redoubtable Technical Editor is on vacation this month in search of fun, adventure, and his lost youth. He'll be back with another installment in our next issue.
  Finally, we're excited about a feature which debuts in this issue. David Blanchard's "Intelligence Files" will keep you up-to-date on the news of the AI world. Blanchard knows what he's talking about: He's the longtime Editor of the monthly Intelligent Systems Report, and we're happy to bring you his wealth of expertise. As you read his first installment, and the comments of Franz's President Henke in our Interview, you're sure to be impressed with what's going on in our field today, and with the bright tomorrow just over the horizon.
  Joseph Schmuller

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