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Volume 11, Issue 5
Sept/Oct 1997
Theme: Data Mining and Genetic Algorithms

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Data-Mining at Work - What's new in data-mining? Who's using it and for what purpose? Success stories from Attar, AbTech, BioComp, Management of Intelligent Technologies, and New Light Industries answer these questions.
Data-Mining and the Financial Markets -- Random events, predictable events, and common knowledge all play major roles in any data-mining project, as Thomas Rathburn explains in the conclusion to his three-part series.
Data-Mining and Genetic Programming -- To make intelligent real-world decisions, a data-mining package must often align with other technologies. One such technology is genetic programming, which derives rules by looking through a "space" of possibilities. Andrew Colin shows how data-mining can utilize genetic programming in important applications.
Genetic Algorithms in Battlefield Communication - Setting up a communications network is difficult because a variety of components must interact with one another, often under adverse conditions. To train military personnel to master network installation, Tony Chang combined genetic algorithms with an expert system.
Measuring Human Skill: An Expert System Approach - Measuring human capabilities is a tricky business. It's an important one, too, as finding the right person for the right job is crucial. Anne Breaky, Margaret Floeck, Pete Humphrey, and Jeff Skosnik apply an expert system to this challenge.

Vendor's Forum - The Genetic Programming System  
Agents - What Should Agents Learn? by Dan Rasmus
Intelligence Files - The Second Great Age of AI by David Blanchard
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Nuggets of Knowledge

With the complexity and scope of today's business world, information overload has attained the status of an occupational hazard. Managers have discovered a multitude of uses for software that seeks out informative patterns within the tomes of data that rely on corporate computers. The result is a competitive advantage for executives smart enough to harness the increasingly popular technology known as data-mining.
  In this issue, we show you some applications and principles of this technology. To give you a broad look at data-minig, we asked vendors of data-mining products to tell us about their successes. AbTech, Attar, BioComp, Management of Intelligent Technologies, and New Light Industries obliged with some stories that you'll find as topical as they are intriguing (Check out the one on a genetic algorithm that finds the best launch time and trajectory for a missing to Mars!). Thomas Rathburn concludes his three-part series on data-mining and financial markets. Andrew Colin shows how data-mining combines with genetic programming. Sandow Ruby's Vendor Forum gives you a look inside software that applies this technology to make predictions in real-world domains.
  Genetic programming is closely related to genetic algorithms (GAs), and we bring you a review and an article which cover GAs. GAs mimic the mechanisms of evolution. Their objective is to zero in on the best programming solution to a problem. To do this, they represent possible solutions as entities that evolve over successive iterations (which, in keeping with the genetic metaphor, are referred to as "generations"). Will Dwinell reviews e, a succinctly named package that enables you to quickly apply GAs. Tony Chang combines Gas and expert systems to produce a system that trains military personnel who install communications networks.
  We cover other technologies in this issue, too. Anne Breaky, Margaret Floeck, Pete Humphrey, and Jeff Skosnik describe a Prolog-based expert system that assesses human abilities. Dan Rasmus tells us about agents that learn about our personal tastes as thy interact with us. David Blanchard keeps us up to date on the latest developments in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Visit the PC AI web site (www.pcai.com) for Fred Watkins' reply to an earlier article by James Andrews on William Comb's fuzzy logic technique...plus responses from Andrews and Combs.
  This issue marks the end of and era at PC AI. Hal Berghel, Technical Editor and American Scientist, has dexided to move on. Hal's words have graced these pages almost since the magazines inception. Most recently, his "Cybernautica" column acquainted us all with the mysteries of cyberspace. We'll all miss his wisdom, his acerbic wit, his terrific articles, and his pathetic attempts at humor. Gook luck, Hal..
  Joseph Schmuller

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