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Volume 10, Issue 5
Sept/Oct 1996
Theme: Genetic Algorithms and Modeling

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Genetic Algorithms at Work: Two Case Studies -- Michael J. Lipon, Howard P. Rosenof and Gerald Liston - Genetic Algorithms can combine with knowledge-based technologies to produce powerful applications. these applications are extremely useful in industries which must schedule batch process operations.
Concepts of Modeling and Simulation -- Bob Diamond - Models and simulations play important roles in numerous areas. Although they can become complex, their foundational principlesare surprisingly comprehensible.
Mind Tools: Connecting to Groupware -- Daniel W. Rasmus - Groupware holds the potential of new ways to manage conversations in a digital world. The potential is being fulfilled, as innovative groupware applications are redefining computer-based collaboration.
Cybernautica -- Hal Berghel - CGI in a Nutshell: Web-Based Intelligent Tech Support.

Review - SPSS Advanced Statistics 6.1 by Joe Schmuller
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New Focus, New Dimensions

This issue brings a new dual focus to PC AI, and with it a new dimension. As we present for the first time, "Genetic Algorithms/Modeling," we expand the set and style of the technologies we cover.
  Genetic Algorithms (GAs) simulate Darwinian evolutionary processes. A GA generates a population of entities which correspond to possible solutions to a specific problem. The GA evaluates the "fitness" of each one. The fittest "survive" as the GA produces another "generation" of solutions. The objective is to evolve the best solution after numerous iterations of generation production and fitness evaluation.
  "Modeling" is the use of a well-understood phenomenon to shed light on a phenomenon which is not understood. The first (the "model") mimics the second. Scientists often use equations as models of natural processes. Analyzing the equations leads to understanding the processes.
  The new dimension in our future is the coverage of many varieties of modeling tools. In the issues to come, we'll describe industrial-strength tools which can help o physical scientists examine the interacting forces in the world around us o social scientists understand the nature and ramifications of human behavior o large and small businesses comprehend the events which drive the bottom line.
  Two articles and a review fall within the new focus. In "Genetic Algorithms at Work" Michael Lipton, Howard Rosenof, and Gerard Liston present two case studies. The (coincidentally) related industries they examine show how GAs combine with knowledge-based technologies to solve important business problems. In "Concepts of Modeling and Simulation" Bob Diamond brings you the basics and distinguishes among the major categories of model-building. "Statistical Modeling Takes Off" reviews SPSS 6.1 for Windows, a package that facilitates potentially complex modeling and analysis.
  Our other offerings are timely. Mary Kroening's "Web-Based Intelligent Tech Support" shows how Artificial Intelligence technology can reside on the World-Wide Web and perform crucial tasks related to customer service. Dan Rasmus' "Mind Tools: Connecting to Groupware" gives us a valuable view of the groupware landscape. He reports on new products that help us communicate and collaborate in today's digital world. Hal Berghel's "Cybernautica" clarifies the vagaries of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Our extensive Product Updates and Buyer's Guide round out the picture.
  As is appropriate in an issue on Genetic Algorithms, our magazine's evolution continues unabated. Two new staff members have already made major impacts. Editorial Assistant Linda Finecey has streamlined the editing process and catalyzed welcome changes which are visible throughout the issue. Web Editor Liz Olsen has started upgrading our Web site and will maintain its currency. We look forward to working with Linda and Liz as they help us add new dimensions in the years to come.
  Joseph Schmuller

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