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Volume 10, Issue 6
Nov/Dec 1996
Theme: Business Applications

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Automatic Data Mining - Jesus Mena - Data mining seeks to discover knowledge hidden in databases. True data-mining tools are data-driven, and automatically generate their own queries on data. Symbolic classifiers which use machine-learning algorithms have great potential as automatic data-mining tools.
Self-Training Artificial Neural Networks: Nets, Spreadsheets, and Objects - Stephen L. Thaler - A processing unit in a neural network is representable as a collection of cells in a spreadsheet. Carrying this representation a step further results in a multinet system which trains itself in ways that resemble the processes of other types of unsupervised nets. Dynamic Data Exchange makes numerous applications of this system possible.
Intelligent Legal Research - J.C. Smith - FlexLaw, a new type of query system, helps lawyers find precedents quickly and accurately. They can now use familiar research methods and tools to search through a massive database of cases, without having to learn and use cryptic Boolean search commands.
Smart Audits at MCI - Joseph Schmuller - Facing an explosion of new products, MCI turned to Artificial Intelligence to help solve its potential auditing nightmare. Their Integrated Auditing Platform is a flexible, scalable solution which will enable them to efficiently audit their multibillion-dollar revenue stream.
Cybernautica - Hal Berghel - The First Web Presidential Campaign

Vendor's Forum - Java Meets Prolog Mary Kroening: Advisors, Analysts, and Agents
Interview Tom Schwartz - Founder and President of TSA
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The Bottom of the Tenth

As our first decade comes to a close, we reflect on this past year's developments and changes in our field and in our magazine. In the world of computing, the Web has taken center stage. I find myself spending 2-3 hours a night lurking around Web sights and newsgroups, gleaning nuggets of information both useful and arcane.
  The Web's ascendance has reverberated into the field of Artificial Intelligence. "AI on the Web" used to mean "Web sites that present information about Artificial Intelligence." Now that phrase carries an added connotation. New companies (and new divisions within existing organizations) have sprung up: their goal is to infuse Web sites with intelligent capabilities and thereby help businesses acquire new customers and provide enhanced service. They also develop intelligent agents that streamline your interaction with the Web. Expect to see more Web-resident AI in 1997.
  Our magazine has undergone a gradual facelift. From the front cover, to the layout, to the typefaces, much has changed. We've done this to keep pace with new developments in publishing and in presentation. Our evolution will go on in the coming year. (One quick evolutionary note: my new email address is jrs@southeast.net)
  We focus this time on Business Applications. The business world continues to provide the impetus for some of the most exciting developments in AI, and AI returns the favor by delivering tools and techniques that modernize business functions. Jesus Mena ("Automatic Data Mining") shows how symbolic classifiers can help corporations uncover the knowledge and trends that lie hidden in their databases. Rather than rely on user-developed queries to get the ball rolling, the tools that Mena describes start the process on their own. In "Smart Audits at MCI," we show how a communications megacorporation uses an AI-based platform to audit its multibillion dollar revenue stream. J.C. Smith ("Intelligent Legal Research") describes FlexLaw, a new kind of query system that enables lawyers to use familiar research techniques (rather than hard-to-learn Boolean search methods) to look for legal precedents in databases that hold court cases.
  As always, we bring you timely articles that show the diversity of our field. Steve Thaler, inventor of the Creativity Machine, gives us an inside look at another of his creations. In "Self-Training Artificial Neural Networks," Steve reports on a spreadsheet-based implementation of a multinetwork structure that learns without supervision. Using a spreadsheet to build this structure provides the foundation for a number of exciting applications. Mary Kroening ("Vendor's Forum: Java Meets Prolog") tells us the thought process behind the new Java class in the Amzi! Logic Server. This addition to the Amzi! arsenal is one of those developments that I spoke of earlier - a development that extends AI to the Web. Esteemed American Scientist Hal Berghel scores a double-bullseye in the timeliness department: the latest installment of "Cybernautica" shows how Clinton and Dole have used the Web in this year's election.
  We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together, and we wish you the best in this holiday season and in the New Year.
  Joseph Schmuller

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