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Volume 9, Issue 1
Jan/Feb 1995
Theme: Intelligent Applications

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AI at Microsoft - Toward Practical Intelligent Applications -- Lisa Lewinson's Feature Article describes the Redmond-based software giant's research in automated reasoning under uncertainty, and looks at potential applications.
Intelligent Agents - DAI Goes to Work -- Daniel W. Rasmus explores the expanding world of software packages that watch users, learn their work patterns, and help them do their jobs.
AI and Space-Based Experiments - PI in the Sky -- Damond Benningfield reports on an expert system that helps astronauts perform research in outer space.
Smart Front-Office Applications - Creating Competitive Advantage -- Chuck Williams introduces a short series of articles on business software that provides competitive advantage by focusing on customers' informational need.

Interview - Jo Marks Founder and President of Harlequin Best known for its implementation of LISP, Harlequin is a full-service solutions provider that has grown steadily since it opened for business in 1986.
Cybernautica - Maiden Voyage

Cyberspace is the set of digitial common carriers which unifies all media. This new column focuses on life in cyberspace and on the computer practitioners who reside there: the cybernauts.

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Ring in the New

As we begin the new year, we see a welcome trend in intelligent technology: an emphasis on user-centered solutions. More than ever before, it seems, successful software solutions have to be sensitive as well as smart -- sensitive to user's needs and smart enough to anticipate them. Perhaps "user-sensitive" will replace "user-friendly" in the argot of computerspeak. The acronym "US" even sounds like a winner.

The user-sensitive theme runs through the articles you'll find in this issue, as we focus on "intelligent Applications." Our Feature Article ("AI at Microsoft" by Lisa Lewinson) shows you how one of computing's greatest corporate entities is putting Artificial Intelligence to work. A heavy backer of AI research, Microsoft is banking on intelligent technology to make its support staff and its software more responsive to its customers. Daniel Rasmus ("Intelligent Agents") reports on software that watches you, discerns patterns in your interactions with your computer, and has the potential to automate those patterns so that you work faster and smarter. Both articles make the point that user-sensitive software will ultimately help us manage the mega-glut of information piling up all around us.


Chuck Williams introduces a series on "Smart Front-Office Applications" -- client-server packages which help businesses bring information, products, and services to their clientele, thus increasing corporate responsiveness to customer needs. Harlequin founder and President Jo Marks, in an interview with PC AI publisher Terry Hengl, relates how his company builds smart software that assists people as they solve crucial everyday problems. Marks emphasizes that it's now important to sell solutions, not technology.


As befits an issue whose focus is "Intelligent Applications," we bring you an article on expert systems. Damond Benningfield's "AI and Space-Based Experiments" tells you how a knowledge-based system works with astronauts to carry out experiments during space shuttle flights.


We start the new year with a new regular -- Technical Editor Hal Berghel's "Cybernautica." In each issue, Hal will tell you about Internet-related issues, services, and tools. The first installment presents his views about the information superhighway and how it will affect our lives. Hal also reviews WinGopher, and Windows-based Internet browser.


To keep in step with the emphasis on responsiveness, solutions, and cyberspace, I've added still another new feature: I've gone online. My Internet address is jspcai@unf.edu


Feel free to email me comments, questions, trivia, esoterica, attaboys, and flames. Whether you're a neonet newbie, an infobahn intermediate, or a seasoned cybernaut, I look forward to hearing from you.


Joseph Schmuller

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