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Volume 9, Issue 3
May/Jun 1995
Theme: Object Oriented Development

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Objects and Logic - C++ Meets Prolog -- Dennis Merritt's Feature Article shows how to team Prolog with C++ and exploit each language's strong-points.
Refueling a Nuclear Reactor - A Job of Rules and Objects -- -- Archie Chung, Dennis Goushleff, David Ho, and Armando Lopez describe an object oriented expert system that helps a utility company deliver electricity.
Putting Helpdesks to Work - AI and Customer Support -- Jessica Keyes discusses the influence of Artificial Intelligence on software that automates customer support.
Creativity and Tools - Stimulating Ideas -- Dan Rasmus begins a three-part series by examining an ability that makes us human, and software packages that help us use it.

Review - C/S ELEMENTS - A GUI with Connections

Part of a modular product family by Neuron Data Inc. that provides rapid prototype development applications.

Review - NeuralWare's Predict - Eliminating the Learning Curve Software package that automates the development and deployment of neural net applications in an intuitive way.
Interview - Hanoch Eiron, Vice President and General Manager of Franz's LISP Division Insight into his views of the industry and applications of Franz's products.
Cybernautica - Life in a Packet-Sized World Individually wrapped pieces of digital information, or "packets" are sent over networks. This article discusses the importance of Transmission Control protocol.
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Objects of Attention

Objects have taken over the world of computing. A major evolutionary step above the methodologies of yesteryear, this paradigm has formed the basis of applications all across the spectrum. Every new development tool, it seems, orients developers toward objects.
  End-users have been the main beneficiaries of this trend. Object orientation has facilitated the emphasis on user-centered programming. Newer tools, particularly those with "Visual" as their first names, require development to proceed with user-friendliness as the goal. Many emphasize form-centric techniques that result in eye-catching interfaces -- interfaces which focus a user's attention and capitalize on his or her intuitions.
  Artificial Intelligence has embraced this trend, as articles within this issue's focus attest. In our Feature Article ("Objects and Logic"), Dennis Merritt explains how object orientation can intertwine with logic programming to take advantage of the strengths of both methodologies. In the course of his explanation, he builds a C++-based GUI backed up by Prolog-based relationship rules. Archie Chung, Dennis Goushleff, David Ho, and Armando Lopez ("Refueling a Nuclear Reactor") show how rules and objects combine to solve an important practical problem. Scott Haggerty reviews C/S ELEMENTS, the object oriented client/server package from Neuron Data. And we interview Hanoch Eiron, Vice President and General Manager of Franz Inc.'s LISP division. Eiron describes his company's Dynamic Object Oriented Programming concept and tells us about the newly minted ANSI Standard for CLOS (Common LISP Object System). This standard, by the way, is the first standard for object oriented programming.

We think you'll find our other features informative as well. Dan Rasmus begins a new three-part series ("Creativity and Tools"). In the first installment, Dan touches on that most human of abilities, creativity, and tells us how some of today's software packages can catalyze creativity in a number of ways. Jessica Keyes reports on AI-based helpdesks and how they make life easier for customer service personnel. Jeff Rapaport reviews Predict, NeuralWare's new package for designing and building neural networks. Neural net novices will find Predict's wizards extremely helpful, while experienced net developers will enjoy working with Predict's customization features. (In the months to come, expect to read reviews of this package in a number of computing publications. Jeff's, I'm happy to say, is the first.) Hal Berghel continues his "Cybernautica" series with a look at Internet communications protocols.


Speaking of the Internet, I'm gratified by all the email I've received since I connected to the cyberspace. In case you missed it, here's my address: jspcai@unf.edu

Keep those virtual cards and letters coming.


Joseph Schmuller

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