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Volume 9, Issue 5
Sept/Oct 1995
Theme: Languages

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The OPS Languages - An Historical Overview -- Charles L. Forgy's feature article traces the history and continuing evolution of a family of languages that helped build AI. Originally designed for a research project, these languages form the basis of numerous industrial strength applications.
Speaker Verification - Who's There? -- Judith Markowitz explores new frontiers in computer security. Voice Recognition, a relatively inexpensive technology, points the way.
Source Code Control In A Smalltalk Environment - A Master/Slave System -- David Pitts and Barbara Miller show how to face the challenges that come up when you build object oriented applications. The challenges increase when multiple developers are involved.
Creativity and Tools - Future Creativity -- Daniel W. Rasmus presents his third installment in this series. He explains how aspects of the interaction between people and computers can affect the creative process and he suggests ways to improve the interaction.

Interview - Celia Wolf, President and CEO of Gold Hill, Inc. Terry Hengl talks with Celia Wolf about the Language industry, and recent events at Gold Hill.
Review - Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server 3.3 - Opening the "Closed World" of Prolog

A compact portable Edinburgh standard Prolog, and its Logic Server, a comprehensive and intuitive API for embedding Prolog components in host language environments.

Cybernautica - The Art And Science of Cyberspace Hal Berghel reports on the combination of art and technology in Cyberspace.
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Programming languages, the foundation of software development, once again move to our center stage. Even with the proliferation of specialized development tools, languages--of necessity--will always occupy a prominent place in the developer's bag of tricks.
  In the Artificial Intelligence development community, this prominence is magnified. As AI workers advance the computer modelling of human capabilities and build the algorithms that efficiently solve real-world problems, they rely on languages that allow flexibility, work with complexity, and facilitate creativity.

This issue touches on languages near and dear to the hearts of the AI world: OPS, Smalltalk, Prolog, and LISP. In our Feature Article, OPS creator Charles Forgy discusses the development and evolution of the OPS languages. Early OPS incarnations constituted some of the first expert system development environments. Hence, many of the first successful AI applications were OPS-based. Many of today's are too, as OPS continues to keep pace with modern software engineering disciplines.

  David Pitts and Barbara Miller describe a "master/slave" setup for controlling source code development in a multi-developer Smalltalk environment. Object oriented languages present a number of challenges when multiple developers work on a project. This article shows you how to meet them. By the way, it's a pleasure to welcome Barbara (my predecessor in the Editor's chair) back to PC AI.

A review and an interview round out our focus, as they spotlight those two AI stalwarts -- Prolog and LISP. Arvindra Sehmi reviews Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server 3.3. Complete with IDE and API, this package is ideal for embedding intelligence into applications based in C and C++. Terry Hengl interviews Gold Hill President and CEO Celia Wolf. Over ten years ago Gold Hill first brought LISP to the PC, an event which opened the gates for AI's charge onto today's computers. For good measure, our Buyer's Guide provides information on over 70 language packages.


Our other articles will also enlighten you. Daniel Rasmus' third installment of "Creativity and Tools" shows how person-computer interaction can amplify the voice recognition-based methods for computer security. Hal Berghel's latest "Cybernautica" delves into the design of Internet WEB homepages and the use of HTML (hypertext markup language).


As we continue to bring you the latest news from across the dynamically expanding spectrum of Artificial Intelligence, we invite your comments. My email address jspcai@unf.edu is at your disposal. I look forward to hearing from you, and I thank the many of you who have already communicated.


Joseph Schmuller

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