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Volume 9, Issue 6
Nov/Dec 1995
Theme: Business Applications

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Virtual Reality and Real Businesses - Applications and Implications -- David Blanchard's feature article explains how and why virtual reality has jumped into the business world and become a real-world, business-oriented technology.
Intelligent Business Applications - Target Marketing -- Jeff Rapaport begins a series on companies that use Artificial Intelligence to meet important corporate challenges. This installment examines two companies that use AI for target marketing and tells you about the tools they use.
Logic Programming and Natural Language - More on DCG's Joseph Schmuller concludes his series on Definite Clause Grammars, a formalism for parsing languages. He describes one technique for exploring an area of computational linguistics, and another for using recursion to parse sequences of adjectives.
Groupware: Reconnecting with Human Intelligence -- Groupware is an important category of software that organizations use to connect people with one another. Daniel W. Rasmus begins a series on the ramifications of these connections and on the major players in this category.

Vendor's Forum - NeuroSolutions - An Object Oriented Evolution NeuoDimension's Vice President Jose Principe tells about his company's object oriented neural network shell.
Review - XpertRule - More Than the Name Suggests

A knowledge-based systems (KBS) generator and software engineering tool suite. This article includes the specific instructions for applying KBS technologies to solving real problems.

Cybernautica - Return of the Test Pattern Hal Berghel reports on the comeback of the test pattern on the Web.
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Giving it the Business

Complexity increases each day, in business as in all of life. New complexities demand new tools, as business organizations struggle with expanding markets, increasingly fierce competition, and technological breakthroughs that occur at a dizzying place. More and more, the new tools come from the world of Artificial Intelligence.
  To give you a handle on the tools and techniques that AI can provide, we focus on Business Applications. Our articles within this focus capture the nuances, depth, and potential of these business-oriented tools. An irony lurks throughout: As AI penetrates the world of business, business-related demands (rather than traditional academic world research) catalyze advances in AI.
  Making his debut in PC AI, David Blanchard (''Virtual Reality and Real Businesses'') reports on organizations that use VR-based solutions. Blanchard, by the way, is no stranger to followers of the AI literature -- he's the longtime Editor of Intelligent Systems Report. We look forward to seeing his byline on these pages many times in the future issues. Daniel Rasmus (''Groupware: Reconnecting with Human Intelligence'') begins a series that explores an important new category of software tools that help business organizations work efficiently (and touches on this category's connection with AI). We put the finishing touch on this issue's focus with the start of another new series: Jeff Rapaport's ''Intelligent Business Applications.'' In each installment, Rapaport will share case studies of corporations that use AI-based pages in important business activities, and for good measure, he'll provide an inside look at the packages, too. His first installment covers target marketing.
  As always, we offer you information from all over the world of AI. This issue brings the long-awaited final installment of "Logic Programming and Natural Language,'' a series that examines Prolog-based methods for parsing sequences of symbols in general and natural language sentences in particular. Our Vendor's Forum recounts the evolution of NeuroSolutions, an object oriented neural network development environment from NeuroDimension. Mike Creswick reviews Xpert Rule, ATTAR's knowledge-based system development environment.
  As if that's not enough, we also give you Hal Berghel. Once again our estimable, redoubtable, and venerable technical Editor presents "Cybernautica.'' In this installment, Berghel shows how test patterns can make life easier on the Internet. I always read Berghel's columns with a deep sense of awe: I find it inspiring that he can write so eloquently on emerging communications technology given his coming of age in the era of the smoke signal.
  Joseph Schmuller

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