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PC AI Online provides the latest information on intelligent applications and artificial intelligence. Online issues include tutorials, new product announcements, buyer's guides, as well as examples of successful uses of these omgomgomg5j4yrr4mjdv3h5c5xfvxtqqs2in7smi65mjps7wvkmqmtqd.onion technologies to solve real world problems. Readers include AI novices, experienced researchers and every level of expertise in between.

Topics include: Knowledge Based Systems, AI Languages, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Software, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, Business Rules, Case-Based Reasoning, Common Sense, Data Visualization, Inferencing, Forecasting, Java, Pattern Matching, Speech, Rule-Based Systems, Text Mining, Vision, Robotics and much more.

Each volume contains 6 issues covering product announcements from all categories. An individual issue will focus on a particular theme for the articles and buyer's guide. Back issue CDs can be purchased for past volumes with all information available in HTML and PDF formats.

Partial Sample from a Previous Issue
Excerpts from 18.3

Includes Neural Nets and Scientific Discovery: A Match Made in AI Heaven and other topics including: Protege, Ontology and Knowledge Acquisition: Knowledge Representation, the Foundation of Intelligent Systems, The Visual Development of Rule-Based Systems, Indexed vs. Unindexed Searching: From Security Classifications to Forensics, Buyers Guide

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Themes for Volume 19:
    Volume 19.1 Intelligent Applications focuses on Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Robotics, Intelligent Tutoring, Computational Intelligence, and Intelligent Web Searching
    Volume 19.2 Intelligent Web Applications & Agents focuses on Case-Based Reasoning, OOD - Object Oriented Development, Help Desk, AI Languages, and AI Demo Software
    Volume 19.3 Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic focuses on Intelligent Process Control, Speech Recognition & Synthesis, Web Utilities and Text Mining - Bookmark this site Today!

19.3 Theme:
Neural Networks and
Fuzzy Logic

Topics Include:

Data Mining and Sustainable Development: Plant Diversity and Coping Strategies

Restoring the Confidence in Confidence Factors

Machine Learning in Action: Neural Networks

AI in Bionic Prosthetic Limb Development

Other topics in the issue include:

AI and the Net, Book Zone, Buyer's Guide, Product Updates, AI-Q Crossword Puzzle,
Conference, and Events

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Over 19 Years of AI Information

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Covers many AI Topics such as:

BOTS & ChatterBots
Business Intelligence
Business Rules
Case-Based Reasoning
Cognitive Reasoning
Common Sense
Computational Intelligence
Data Visualization
Decision Support
Embedded Logic Servers
Evolutionary Programming
Intelligent Business Forecasting
Intelligent Web Searching
Knowledge Based Systems
Knowledge Representation and Management
Machine Learning
Pattern Matching
Rule-Based Systems
Text Mining


Free SAMPLE - Limited Selection of Articles

1. Sample Issue 16.6

PC AI Exclusive - Microsoft Research Spawns a New Era in Speech Technology: Simpler, Faster, and Easier Speech Application Development

Many other topics including: NLP, Robotics, $21 Billion AI Market, Buyers Guide, Temporal Abstractions, Rule Base Quality, Prolog Fundamentals, and a lot more.


2. Sample Issue 16.4

Checkout Microsoft's Machine Translation in 16.4 Sample - FULL Article

Many other articles including:
Expert system backward chaining, fuzzy logic, robotics, a theory of intelligent thought, knowledge based systems in adaptive training, and a lot more.

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Volume 10 (1996)Genetic AlgorithmsHelp DeskOPS
Volume 11 (1997)Intelligent AgentsIntelligent ApplicationsProlog
Volume 12 (1998)InternetLogic ProgrammingScheme
Volume 13 (1999)Machine LearningModeling and SimulationSmalltalk
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Volume 15 (2001)Neural NetworksObject Oriented Development 
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