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Overview: Multimedia is a loose collection of technologies that extend and expand the way people interact with a computer. It allows the user interface to go well beyond text and graphics -- adding high fidelity sound, still and animated graphics, and full-motion video. Initial multimedia applications included games, pictorial encyclopedias, animated science adventures, and interactive story books. Today, interactive computer-based training and corporate communications can be distributed via wide-area network or satellite broadcast for up to the minute accuracy. Interactive multimedia can reduce training costs while increasing comprehension. The person who manages the content and the structure of a multimedia production is called the author. The references in this section provide links to the latest in multimedia research.

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Multimedia Information on the Internet
Index to Multimedia Information Sources Approximately 100 links to current events, ratings and guides, FAQ, software, media delivery services, media archives, research, companies, conference announcements, newsgroups archives, educational, magazines, books, journals, publishers, and standards. 
LookSmart - Computer Multimedia and Design Find resources on multimedia news, CAM, CAD, digital video, music, and more.
Yahoo - Business and Economy: Companies: Computers: Multimedia Detailed link list to companies, vendors, with some archives, CD-ROM, demos, hypermedia, movies, pictures, sound, software, videoconferencing, usenet, and other indexes. 

Multimedia Vendors
A premier Internet company and creator of Adobe PhotoShop (used to create the graphics at this site) and Adobe AcroBat.
Now based in West Palm Beach, FL. Knowledge Garden offers a range of Object Oriented multimedia and expert systems development tools for DOS, Windows, Win 95, and Windows NT. (info@kgarden.com)
New Art Inc
Creates authoring, multimedia technology, and associated tools aimed at internet, CD-ROM, Kiosk, and diskette presentation and catalog applications such as real estate marketing, corporate marketing, and merchandise catalogs. 

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