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Intelligent Applications

Overview: Intelligent Applications (IA) was first introducted to PC AI readers by Steve Weyer of Apple computers in 1991. His concept was that advanced technology is made transparent to the user with user interfaces being adaptive and conversational. The goal is to have the applications behave like an assistant or advisor. The Knowledge Navigator video which shows 5 minutes in the life of a college professor was an example of an intelligent applications.

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Intelligent Applications Information on the Internet
Ajith @ Softcomputing.net Publications and tutorial related to soft computing.
American Association for AI (AAAI) Technical reports within the international AI community. 
Canadian Artificial Intelligence Projects Index to a number of projects including intelligent scheduleing, AI research groups in Canada, Fuzzy Clips, and more. 
Mark Watson's Site for Java, AI, etc. Open source Java, AI code.
Medical Applications of AI  MIG is an interdisciplinary medical informatics group based in the Computer Science Department of the University of Manchester concerned with all aspects of the design and implementation of healthcare information systems.

Sponsors of PC AI - Intelligent Applications Vendors
EXSYS software tools are used for building probabilistic, knowledge-based expert systems that use expertise to assist people in decision-making, in performing a wide variety of functions. (info@exsys.com) 
Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. 
info@gensym.com; service@gensym.com; ftp.gensym.com ( 
Prolog products for Windows 95, DOS, and Macintosh. 
Megaputer produces PolyAnalyst and TextAnalyst systems - multi-strategy data mining and text mining solutions.

Predictive Dynamix, Inc.

Predictive Dynamix provides a comprehensive suite of software tools for commercial data mining applications (contact@predx.com)
Product descriptions and information on services. (info@rulemachines.com) 

Other Intelligent Applications Vendors
American Heuristics AHC is a technology transfer company that specializes in the research and development of advanced software technologies and their application to complex technical problems. 
CECASE - University of Kansas LISP-based language allows development of Case based reasoning applications.  hwei@cecase.ukans.edu 
Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions for CynapSys. 
Contains information about their products, services, support, as well as their latest press information.
FIREPOND Home page for FIREPOND including demonstrations, product information, and upcoming events.
Global Wisdom Company develops Artificial Intelligence and Neural Net technology to intelligently power web search engines, specialty information providers, and other information-intensive companies..
Experienced in symbolic processing, electronic publishing. Information includes product and service information, applications, and more. (resources-us@software.globalgraphics.com) 
IF Computer Incorporates the latest in Constraint Technology for planning and scheduling.
ILOG Company information, press releases, product data sheets, white papers, articles. 
(info@ilog.com) (ftp.ilog.com) 
Int'l Journal of Applied Expert Systems Subscription I, editorial board, and other information.
Specializes in software development using blackboard technology. Products including Generic Blackbaord Builder, NetGBB, ChalkBox, GBB Runtime and a GBB demonstraton application. (413)256-8990; (800)577-8990.
ObjectConnections Product, Common Knowledge, is an integrated business rules engine and visual studio environment that allows business users and software developers the means to define, manage and modify the business logic behind complex applications by altering the rules alone, visually, and on the fly. Web site contains whitepapers and other documents, comprehensive product information, and a fully working evaluation version.
OXKO Coporate data, product and services information 
SoftLaw Corporation Provides products and services which enable the delivery of electronic publishing and decision support applications within public and corporate administration. The Group produces Statute E-Publish and Statute Expert, software for the production of electronic documents and expert system applications. 
TIBCO Corporation Coporate data, product and services information 
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