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C++ Programming Language

Overview: The C++ programming language was developed at the Computer Science Research Center of AT&T Bell Labs in Murray Hill. Bjarne Stroustrup started working in 1980 on a simulation language that had object-oriented features. Instead of developing a new language, he decided to add the features he needed to the efficient C programming language. Because C had been ported to a number of different platforms, that made porting C++ to these platforms easier. Bjarne designed C++ to be translated into C source. The C++ language has been available outside of AT&T since 1985.

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C++ Information on the Internet
Astentech C++ Tutorial List - Learn C++ Find links to C++ tutorials and information sites.
C & C++ Programming Page A page for finding C and C++ information. 
C++ Compilers Preprocessor, compilers, and some information. Still very incomplete. 
C++ Learning Community
C++ Learning community for beginners and novices, ever growing site for peple to give help and request help for C++ programming.
C++ source code 4 COLLEGE STUDENTS at neonprimetime's den Site for beginners and more advanced C++ college students, data structurs, stacks, link lists, source code, keywords, and definitions, tons of examples.
FAQ About the GNU C++ Compiler Common questions about the GNU C++ compiler. 
Free Compilers and Interpreters Archive of available software including compiler generators, important libararies, assemblers. 
Programming community site featuring many programming tutorials, code samples, resources, discussion forums and more.
Learn C/C++ Today Origins of C and C++, downloadable tutorials, book references, important references. 
LookSmart - C++ Programming Resources Find links to C++ tutorials, FAQs, tools, articles, and more.
Mathtools.net Mathtools.net is a technical computing portal for all scientific and engineering needs. The portal is free and contains over 20,000 useful links to technical computing programmers, covering C/C++, Java, Excel, MATLAB, Fortran and others.
Yahoo - C++ Programming Language Yahoo index of C++ information. 

C++ Vendors
Company information, services, search engine and more. 
Company information, press releases, product data sheets, white papers, articles. (info@ilog.com) 
Product and company information. 
Custom software development using Visual C++, JavaScript, and Cobol for general business and churches.
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