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Fuzzy Logic

Overview: Fuzzy logic is a superset of conventional (Boolean) logic that has been extended to handle the uncertainty in data. It was introduced by Dr. Lotfi Zadeh of UC/Berkeley in the 1960's as a means to model the uncertainty of natural language. Fuzzy logic is useful to processes like manufacturing because of its ability to handle situations that the traditional true/false logic can't adequately deal with. It lets a process specialist describe, in everyday language, how to control actions or make decisions without having to describe the complex behavior. See "Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks - Practical Tools for Process Management" (PC AI May/June 1994, p. 17) for a clear and concise explanation of Fuzzy Logic.

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Fuzzy Logic Information on the Internet
Applications for Fuzzy Logic An interesting list of applications in which fuzzy logic has played a role.
Applied research, workshops, consulting in the field of Fuzzy Logic Applied research for industries, workshops for engineers, teachers, students, and companies, consulting and management of industrial projects at the Fuzzy Logic Laboratorium Linz.
CMU AI Repository for Fuzzy Logic This site contains commercial fuzzy logic products and companies, documentation, bibliographies, FAQ, archives, mail servers, as well as other related information. 
Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy logic links - organizations, journals, research groups, books, etc.
Fuzzy Logic Archive Fuzzy Logic information includes fuzzy logic for beginners, tutorials, fuzzy logic basics, etc.
Fuzzy Logic FAQ Fuzzy Logic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 
Fuzzy Logic FAQ What is fuzzy logic and how is it used, fuzzy expert systems, fuzzy numbers and arithmetic, and fuzzy state machines. Also, fuzzy BBS systems, mail-servers, ftp repositories, mailing lists, bibliography, journals and technical newsletters, professional organizations, vendors, research, and glossary. 
Fuzzy Logic Sources of Information  An individuals effort to maintain a list of good Fuzzy Logic sites. 
Fuzzy Technologies Division
Inform Software
An extended fuzzy logic Internet server containing application papers, technical notes, and information on Fuzzy Logic and NeuroFuzzy technologies. 
Index to Fuzzy Logic White Papers This paper indexes what the auther feels are the best papers on Fuzzy Logic. 
Quadralay's Fuzzy Logic Archive  Archive of fuzzy logic related information including basics, a brief cource, user group references, internation contacts and more. 
Resource on the Web A brief index to a number of subject sites including fuzzy logic, modeling and simulation, logic programming, AI, and so on.. 
Will's Technical Page A collection of articles and other technical resources for artificial intelligence (especially data mining and machine learning).
Yahoo - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence: Fuzzy Logic Links to fuzzy logic related topics such as adaptive fuzzy control, fuzzy logic expert system shells, as well as other related topics such as fuzzy logic FAQ, user groups, and companies. 

Sponsors of PC AI - Fuzzy Logic Vendors
EXSYS software tools are used for building probabilistic, knowledge-based expert systems that use expertise to assist people in decision-making, in performing a wide variety of functions. (info@exsys.com) 
Providers of intelligent web tools, expert systems development tools, data mining, and prolog-based AI products for Windows and Macintosh. 
Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. 
PolyAnalyst incorporates algorithms for clustering, classification, prediction, modeling, and explanation are supplemented by interactive graphics, import data from any ODBC database, object-oriented GUI, and direct communication with data warehouses (IBM VW) and spreadsheets (Excel).

Other Fuzzy Logic Vendors
American Heuristics Corporation AHC is a technology transfer company that specializes in the research and development of advanced software technologies and their application to complex technical problems. 
Attar Software Ltd. The free XpertRule KBS download includes example fuzzy logic applications and a fully functional development copy, save inhibited. (info@attar.com)
Flexible Intelligence Group The primary objective of Flexible Intelligence Group, LLC. (FIG) is to design, develop, and market independent modules which may be used, in isolation or in combination with systems, to (a) provide computational intelligence to a system or (b) improve the computational intelligence of a system. At present, this requires the development of soft computing modules that integrates techniques such as fuzzy systems, evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, and chaos theory . 
FuziWare Inc.  76177.2601@compuserve.com 
Fuzzy Technologies Division Inform Software Corporation The Fuzzy Technologies website contains application papers, technical notes, and information on Fuzzy Logic and NeuroFuzzy technologies.
Gensym Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. 
info@gensym.com; service@gensym.com; ftp.gensym.com (
Higher Level Systems Their product, Assistum, facilitates the capturing and reuse of knowledge for decision making. A demonstration is available for download at their site. 
Hyperlogic Corporate information on products and services. Demo. 
Intelligent Machines  imi@netcom.com 
Kemp-Carraway Heart Institute  Phone: (800)909-0809 
ORSI ORSI's products include ExAd, a graphical Expert System based on fuzzy logic. mkt@orsiweb.com 
Predictive Dynamix, Inc. Predictive Dynamix provides a comprehensive suite of software tools for commercial data mining applications
PWS Publishing  wilbur@pws.com 
RoboWiz Corporation  75253.3274@compuserve.com 
Sonalysts Inc. Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. Developers of Fuzzy Query (TM), an ODBC-compliant database query and data analysis tool. 
Togai Infralogic Inc  Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. Demo. 
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Article References
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Book References
Understanding Neural Networks, Vol 1 and 2  Caudill, Maureen and Charles Butler, MIT Press 
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Amazon.com                       logo
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