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Dylan Programming Language

Overview: Dylan is a new object-oriented dynamic language (OODL) being developed by Apple. This language development effort has the goal of developing a practical tool for writing mainstream commercial applications. The intent is to combine the best qualities of static languages (small, fast programs) with the best qualities of dynamic languages (rapid development, code that's easy to read, write and maintain). It differs from C++ in many important ways that makes it powerful and flexible. Dylan as a number of features that distinguish it from C++ including:

  1. automatic memory management
  2. clean, consistent syntax
  3. fully and consistently object-oriented model
  4. dynamic as well as static type checking
  5. support for incremental compilation
  6. first-class functions and classes

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Dylan Information on the Internet
Different Dylan Implementations A archive for Dylan Implementations. 
Dylan Exchange Information about Dylan books, implementations, articles, etc.
Dylan Newgroup Dylan news group. 
Dylan Programming Language Find information on Dylan tips and techniques, projects, and links.
Free Dylan Compilers and Interpreters Free compiler site containing many languages including Dylan. 
Gwydion Dylan Gwydion Dylan is an implementation of the Dylan programming language for UNIX systems. 
The Dylan Reference Manual A comprehensive guide to the Dylan Language. 

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Article References
A First Look at Dylan: Classes, Functions, and Modules develop, The Apple Technical Journal available through APDA. 

Book References
Dylan Reference Manual By Andrew Shalit. Addison-Wesley Longman ISBN # 0201-442116 
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Dylan Programming By Feinberg et al. Addison-Wesley Longman ISBN 0-201-47976-1

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