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Logic Programming

Overview: Logic programming uses logic and proof procedures to define and resolve problems. In general, most logic programming is based on the Horn-clause logic supplemented with negation-as-failure to store the information and backward reasoning to solve problems.

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Logic Programming Information on the Internet
Association of Logic Programming (ALP) Home page of the Association of Logic Programming. Find out about upcoming conferences, read their newsletter, and find out how to become a member.
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming Online journal covers topics in functional and logic programming.
The Logic Group Latest information on this Stanford-based project (Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF). 
Logic Programming Reference Site Web site devoted to logic programming. 
Papers of the DFKI Programming Systems Articles on various aspects of constraint programming. Sample articles include: Object Oriented Concurrent Constraint Programming in Oz and Constraint Deduction in an Interval-based Temporal Logic. 
Programming Language Research Collection of information and resources for research in programming language theory, design, implementation, and related areas including automated deduction, constraints, dynamic storage allocation, formal methods, functional programming, logic programming, logical frameworks, object oriented programming, semantics-based program analysis and manipulation, software engineering, and visual programming. 
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Logic Programming Links to logic programming information including general repositories, Prolog, window system interfaces, other logic programming systems, meetings and other related information. 
Yahoo - Logic Programming Programming Language Yahoo index of Logic Programming information. 

Sponsors of PC AI - Logic Programming Vendors

Prolog articles, Prolog source code, demos, product information etc. 

Logic Programming Associates (LPA)
Prolog products for Windows 95, DOS, and Macintosh. 

Prolog Development Center (PDC)
Developer of a Prolog compiler - later to be known as Turbo Prolog, PDC Prolog and now Visual Prolog. 
(75300.165@compuserve.com; leo@pdc.dk)

Other Logic Programming Vendors
Provides Prolog compilers and development environments, and more. 
ftp.als.com & info@als.com 
Multi-threaded BinProlog compiler with Prolog to C converter, Blackboards and Mobile Code, Prolog tools for Internet programming. Full Source code licensing available.binnetcorp@binnetcorp.com

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