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Intelligent Agents

Overview: Intelligent Agents execute tasks on behalf of a business process, computer application, or an individual. For example, corporate use of monitoring software based on agents can be a key component in cutting support costs and increase computer efficiency. Intelligent agents have been written to search through e-mail messages for certain keywords or simple concepts (phrases).

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Intelligent Agents Information on the Internet
An intelligent agent link including demos and examples.
BotKnowledge Contains links to various bots (intelligent agents) on the Internet, as well as an FAQ and newsletter
Brainiac Behavior Engine AI toolkit set to aid in designing computer games featuring lifelike behavior.
Intelligent Agent Related Papers A collection of papers about knowledge sharing in an agent fashion. 
Intelligent Software Agents Links to sites with information on agents resource list, Carnot, distributed AI laboratory, experimental knowledge systems laboratory, intelligent software agents, interface agents, softbots, World Wide Web Wanderers, and more. 
NRC-CNRC Institute for Information Technology Brief index of links to Intelligent Software Agent related sites. 
Software Agents Mailing List The Software Agents Mailing List is devoted to the issues of Software Agents (also known as Personal Digital Assistants, software robots, knowbots, etc.). 

Sponsors of PC AI - Intelligent Agents Vendors
EXSYS, Inc specializes in Knowledege Acquisition, Automation Web Access Software. Visit their website to run the "WINK" Web Site Guide for your customized page based on your industry and interests with over 50 Customer Case Studies, free 30-Day evaluation downloads and Educational Textbook/Software Packages.
Their OPSJ is a Java-based tool for constructing business rule servers and intelligent agents. Flexible, open, portable. 
THE HALEY ENTERPRISE specializes in automated reasoning and machine learning technologies for business rule processing, intelligent agents, information retrieval, and diagnosis. Visit their website for product information, literature and to download software. 

Other Intelligent Agents Vendors
Find ranked listings of agents that can be downloaded from the site.
Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. (ASI) is a software products and engineering services company specializing in knowledge based software products for the development of associate technology. ASI has pioneered the design of decision-support and information system products for customers with complex environments and difficult problems.
JINNI: a Java based Intelligent Agent Scripting Tool, provides a networked infrastructure for mobile agents with reasoning abilities. Agents organized as multiple threads move freely between local and remote sites. Blackboard technology and built-in lightweight Prolog interpreters allow knowledge processing and associative search on structured data. binnetcorp@binnetcorp.com
BotSpot has conprehensive information about Bots and Internet Agents on the Internet. The site's goal is to be a spot for all Bots on the Net and to educate everyone about all facets of Bots and Internet Agents. A special feature is Secret Agent Man by Don Barker. Appearing both in PC AI Magazine and online at BotSpot, this column takes an in-depth look at the cutting-edge developments and people in the intelligent agent field, with interesting demonstrations, peeks behind the scenes, and insightful analysis. 
ExpLore Reasoning Systems makes KB Agent, the first commercial implementation of Soar, an intelligent agent that, among other things, can learn new rules during problem solving. See their web site for a free trial version. 
Company information, press releases, product data sheets, white papers, articles. (info@ilog.com) 
Fundamentals and applications of multi-agent systems. Multi-agent software developed by MagentA Corporation utilizes Intelligent Software Networks (i-Networks). Such networks resemble neural networks, where connections between elements can be dynamically established and removed.

Their OPSJ is a Java-based tool for constructing business rule servers and intelligent agents. Flexible, open, portable. 
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