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Overview: Programming client/server applications differs from traditional programming since the programs are distributed. Understanding the client/server model enables a clear and concise program design that can be easily read and maintained. There are two categories of client/server flow control: linear and non-linear. If the client is linear then it is similar to a traditional application. It will wait on a resource, such as retrieving data from a file, or reading a socket on a server. The non-linear server contains a multiple branch that provides services to multiple clients.

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Client/Server Information on the Internet
Client/Server Connection Trade shows, online demos, free stuff, and C/S vendors. 
Client/Server Architectures - An Overview Learn about the origins of client/server technology and explore technical details about the technology.
Client-Server Resource Optimization: Effective Use of Client-end and Server Resources Article by Anand Rane. Includes tips and a sample application option.
Server Definition - Glossary Definition of client, server, and client/server software architecture. 
Setting up a World Wide Web Service Describes the client and server software tools which are used to access the World Wide Web. A summary of tools which can assist information providers is also given. 
Yahoo - Client Server Programming Language Yahoo index of Client Server information. 

Sponsors of PC AI - Client/Server Vendors
Provider of the data mining solution, PolyAnalyst Knowledge Server, supports data mining projects in a Client/Server architecture for a corporate environment. Please contact Megaputer for an evaluation copy
The Haley Enterprise's CIA Server facilitates multi-threaded, server-based information systems that include knowledge about your business, integrate with standard databases and object-oriented tools like ODBC, COM, and C++, and that work with standard procedural languages, including C++, Visual Basic, and Java.

Other Client/Server Vendors
Blaze Software Product descriptions and information on services.
Home page for Brightware including demonstrations, product information, and upcoming events.
A list of client/server vendors with links to each home page
Home page for Inference including demonstrations, product information, and upcoming events. (akiha@inference.com) 
Company information, press releases, product data sheets, white papers, articles. (info@ilog.com) 
Their OPSJ is a Java-based tool for constructing business rule servers and intelligent agents. Flexible, open, portable. 
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