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Overview: This section contains general AI related sites. Many of these sites reference multiple technologies, such as neural networks and fuzzy logic. To reduce duplicate entries in multiple sections, many of these references were not placed in the specific topic sections found later in the report. Therefore, many of these sites should be checked no matter what the topic of interest is.

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General AI Information on the Internet
AI General Site Index Brief list of links to sites including societies, AI courseware, family tree of AI researches and references, NSF awards, and others. 
AI/Cognitive reports archive Indiana University AI/Cognitive Science technical reports archive. 
AI, Cognitive Science and Robotics Links to a number of other reference sites in artificial intelligence and computer science. 
AI Topics Introductory level resources and information about artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence Location index Institute for Information Technology index of AI resources categorized by country. 
Bibliographies on AI Numerous books and journals indexes. Some info is out dated. 
CMU AI Repository Repository, established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1993, collects files, programs, and publications. Technology includes AI related software, Common LISP, Prolog, and Scheme. 
CMU AI Repository (AI Newsgroups)  General, specialized topics, publications and digests, AI programming languages, LISP and Scheme, Prolog and constraints, object oriented programming. Other AI-related programming languages, miscellaneous related newsgroups. 
FTP Site at funic.funet.fi Large ftp site with a number of subjects. It has information on neural nets, neurophysiology, AI, and many other subjects. 
Galaxy Computer Technology Index for AI  A collection of indexes organized by category including: expert systems, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, knowledge engineering, natural language processing, neural networks and more. 
Generation 5  Generation 5 is a large AI repository that has recently opened. It includes the history, philosophy, and applications of AI technology. 
IMKAI's and OFAI's WWW Server University of Vienna, Austria, brief index and information. 
Indiana University Computer Science Department Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science report and reprint archive. A plain text listing of archive contents with abstracts, publication information, and keywords is also available. 
Japher.com an IT developement resource portal, connecting software projects with IT companies and IT developers world-wide and providing full-part time employment solutions world-wide. . 
MIT AI Laboratory  Research ranges from learning, vision and robotics systems, to development of new computers. Explore MIT research, events, publications, people, and references in to other web pages 
Neuron AI Directory A general AI directory
SRI International AI Center (AIC)  Founded in 1966, the AIC research center develops computer capabilities for intelligent behavior in complex situations. Its objectives are to understand the computational principles underlying intelligence in man and machines and to develop methods for building computer-based systems to solve problems, to communicate with people, and to perceive and interact with the physical world. 
Yahoo - General AI Sites Yahoo index of General AI Sites information. 

General AI Vendors

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Article References
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AI In Business And Management: Productions And 
Operations Management 
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Money Listens: Speech Recognition 
In The Financial Industry 
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AI information on Internet: Cruising the SuperHighway  Hengl, T. (1994) PC AI, 8(4) , 36. 
AI In Business And Management: Law And Legal Applications  Warkentin, M., Liebowitz, J., Davis, K.,
and Zeide, J. (1994) PC AI, 8(6) , 23. 
Intelligent Agents: Distributed AI Goes to Work  Rasmus, D. (1995) PC AI, 9(1) , 27. 
Smart Front-Office Applications: Creating Competive Advantage  Williams, C. (1995) PC AI, 9(1) , 33. 
Smart Front-Office Applications: Tools And Technologies  Williams, C. (1995) PC AI, 9(2) , 40. 
Virtual Reality and Read Business  Blanchard, D. (1995) PC AI, 9(6) , 16. 
Intelligent Business Applications  Rapaport, J. (1995) PC AI, 9(6) , 20. 

Book References
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