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Forth Programming Language

Overview: Charles Moore created Forth in the 1960s and 1970s to give computers real-time control over astronomical equipment. A number of Forth's features (such as its interactive style) make it a useful language for AI programming, and devoted adherents have developed Forth-based expert systems and neural networks. Functions in Forth are called "words." The programmer uses Forth's built-in words to create new ones and store them in Forth's "dictionary." In a forth program, words pass information to one another by placing data onto (and removing data from) a "stack," a software structure in which the last element in is the first element out. Using a stack in this way (Forth's unique contribution to the world of programming languages) enables Forth applications to run quickly and efficiently.

Two groups of loyalists (the Forth Interest Group and the Institute for Applied Forth Research) help promote the language. Two lively books by Brodie (1984, 1987) are perhaps the best-known introductions to Forth, and an article by Sperry (1991) is a short, well-informed overview. Townsend and Feucht (1968) discuss Forth in connection with expert systems. The San Jose-based Forth Interest Group lists a number of independent developers who have build Forths for various platforms.


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Forth Information on the Internet
Brief Introduction to Forth Information includes two-stack abstract macine, factoring, interpretation, compilation, and execution. 
Forth - An Underview Information about forth - includes history, applications, and other background information. 
Forth Style Guide Summary of Forth Style Conventions for Forth-83. 
Free Forth Interpreters These are the stack-based postfix languages, usually interpreted, descended from the FORTH language. Languages and tools include Forth, kevo, Mops, Postscript, and Yerk. 
Introduction to Forth Simple introduction for the infrared camera software which uses Mitch Bradley's CFORTH. 
Pocket Forth Page Small implementation of the Forth language for the Macintosh. 
The Forth Page Links to Forth related pages including conferences, bibliographies, vendors and more. 
The Forth Research Page Find links to Forth web sites.
Yahoo: Forth Information on Forth. 

Forth Vendors
Forth, Inc Software and services to developers of real-time software for science, industry and business since 1973 including EXPRESS Industrial Control software and embedded systems. (800)55F-ORTH. 
UltraTechnology Forth and Forth chips by the investor of Forth Chuck Moore. Information on F21, P21, the history of Forth chips and Forth. Hardware and software optimized for AI. 9 gigabytes of online videos about Forth and Forth chips.

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A Few Words on Forth Sperry, T. (1991) Computer Language, 8(3) 55-57. 
MacTech Article Archives (83) Languages including Forth, Mach, Mops, Yerk and more. 

Book References
Starting Forth Brodie, L. (1984) Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall 
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Thinking Forth Brodie, L. (1984) Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall 
Forth Programmer's Handbook Conklin, E. (1998) Forth, pps. 240. ISBN 0966215605

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