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Overview: Helpdesks provide central information sources which can route problem requests, provide detailed information, and answer questions quickly and accurately. Cost/benefit analysis indicate that reducing the time required to route incoming problem requests and resolving problems can greatly reduce a company's costs and improve productivity. Helpdesk software can capture the knowledge of technicians while using multimedia to provide on-demand expertise for operators. This technology incorporates multimedia and hypermedia, video, animation, voice, and intuitive interfaces, while using AI techniques for problem resolution. Expert systems simplify Helpdesks production by providing flexible knowledge capturing capabilities and allowing the building of knowledge-bases on the fly. For further information, see the following references:

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Help Desk Information on the Internet
HelpDesk.Com - A List of Help Desk Software and Solutions A resource for information on help desk technology and software.
Help Desk FAQ Provides a list of frequently asked questions and help desk resources that are of interest to support professionals. 
Helpdesk User Group (HUG) The largest European membership forum for helpdesk, customer service, and support professionals with over 1000 members worldwide. HUG runs networking events, exhibitions, annual conferences, and training courses. 
Mosaic Gateway to SQL Databases (GSQL) Helpdesk example using Sybase. 
Sample Help Desk Documentation A sample documented procedure of a computer center help desk. 

Sponsors of PC AI - Help Desk Vendors


DCI has earned its reputation as a world leader in high-technology education, trade shows, and management consulting. DCI is focused on creating unbiased, comprehensive and cutting-edge computer software, hardware, and communications education. The company conducts the highest profile technology shows for users and professional developers of information technology. As the largest American company of its kind, DCI has attracted more than a million IT and business professionals in the last decade.
Product information and literature. Specializing in automated reasoning and machine learning technologies. Emphasis is on products for programming as opposed to programming services or applications products. 

Other Help Desk Vendors
Acquired Intelligence sales@aiinc.bc.ca 
Attar Software Authors of the XpertRule range of software for Knowledge-based development, resource optimization, and data mining. (info@attar.com) 
Axios Systems Assyst is a high end IT Helpdesk & Service Management Suite for the Enterprise.
Cognisys Consultants Inc info@churchill.com 
ExDesk ExDesk is a complete help desk software solution for small or medium size businesses -remotely hosted, web-based, and accessed from a browser.
Help Desk Institute Provides targeted information about the technologies, tools, and trends in the Help Desk and Customer Support industry.. 
Help Desk Software Central Offers help desk software with issue tracking, CRM and project management functions.
Help Desk World Comprehensive directory of help desk software, services, information and resources.
HelpStar Help desk product information.
Heron Technology Learn about Heron Technology's web-based help desk system, Great Blue. 
Help desk and tracking software for Windows, Web and Wireless.
Software products and services. 
Mayflower Software Products Help desk product information. 
The Molloy Group Help desk product information.
PCAONLINE Helpdesk solutions and technology. PCAONLINE.com’s products can work independently or as a fully integrated suite.
Peregrine Systems Help desk product information. 
Platinum Technology Help desk product information. 
Professional Help Desk AI-driven help desk product. 
Remedy Corporation Help Desk product information. 
Service Ware In fall of 1993 ServiceWare began shifting from services to product with the launching of our Knowledge-Pak product line. Each Knowledge-Pak is a package of ready to use help desk content, thousands of items of useful troubleshooting knowledge structured into diagnostic trees and hypermedia, and used in corporate help desks to solve problems with computer hardware and software. 
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