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Creative Thinking

Overview: As computers automate many repetitious and mundane jobs, people will be expected to handle even more complex tasks. These tasks are often associated with problem solving and creativity, an area where the computer is still in its infancy.

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Creative Thinking Information on the Internet
Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving (35) Some guidelines with linked historical examples. 
Creativity Web Page (21) These web pages are resources to help you become more creative and to put you in touch with other people interested in creativity and thinking. This Web site was produced to satisfy a need within the misc.creativity newsgroup for easy access to the FAQ documents. 
Design Research at the Stan Ackerman Institute Encompassing the methodology of technological design particularly in interdisciplinary design situations.
Edward DeBono's Home Page This site has a list of all DeBono's books, links to other authors, creativity training, software, and other creativity web pages. 
Invention Dimension (Select "Linked") (7) A site covering American inventors and their discoveries.
Independent consultant offers free SQL Server support and datamining, data warehousing, relational databases, pareto analysis, software programming, business intelligenceand project management
Tips for how to increase creativity

Creative Thinking Vendors
The ParaMind list is in the AI-FAQ and the site is rich in theory. 
Mindlink Inc.
Mindlink Problem Solver - (800) 253-1844
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Creative Thinking Book List (64) ** The book list also has brief discriptions in most cases. 

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