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Natural Language Processing

Overview: The goal of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is to design and build a computer system that will analyze, understand, and generate natural human-languages. Applications of NLP include machine translation of one human-language text to another; generation of human-language text such as fiction, manuals, and general descriptions; interfacing to other systems such as databases and robotic systems thus enabling the use of human-language type commands and queries; and understanding human-language text to provide a summary or to draw conclusions. One of the easiest tasks for a NLP system is to parse a sentence to determine its syntax. A more difficult task is determining the semantic meaning of a sentence. One of the most difficult tasks is the analysis of the context to determine the true meaning and comparing that with other text.

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Natural Language Processing Information on the Internet
The MIT InfoLab Group The MIT InforLab Group develops intelligent interactive software systems that help people access information and solve problems on human terms. They conduct research in natural language processing and multimedia information access. 
The Natural Language Group at ISI Home page for the Natural Language Group at the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California. Find information about the research performed by the group as well as several demonstrations.
Natural Language Processing FAQ Find answers to frequently asked questions about natural language processing.
Natural Language Processing Links Find links to natural language processing web sites.
NLPLAB Web Home Page Learn about current research and find software and other resources on natural language processing.
University of Patras - SLT Group The Speech and Language Technology (SLT) Group is focusing on Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition. They employ about 15 individuals in teaching and research positions. During the last decade this group has participated in many domestic and international research projects and has a rich publication activity.
Yahoo - Internet: Software: Natural Language Processing Programming Language Yahoo index of Natural Language Processing information. 

Sponsors of PC AI - Natural Language Processing Vendors
TextAnalyst develops a semantic network of the text, performs navigation, abstracting, classification, tagging of texts, facilitates semantic search for information and creation of personal knowledge bases. 

Text Analysis

Text Analysis International, Inc., with a new pragmatic approach for analyzing electronic text, takes advantage of the surging demand for effective text analysis solutions with its VisualText™ technology. The Company's natural language processing products are based on software tools for developing accurate, robust, and extensible text analyzers.

Other Natural Language Processing Vendors
Abstract Productions Natural language and knowledge management solutions.
Attar Software Authors of the XpertRule range of software for Knowledge-based development, resource optimization, and data mining.  (info@attar.com) 
Grady Ward  grady@netcom.com 
J. Markowitz Consulting  Markwitz@steve.iit.edu 
Language and Auditory Systems  language-systems@cs.yale.edu 
RoboWiz Corporation  (pdfisk@ibm.net) (75253.3274@compuserve.com) 
WorldFree.net Developer of KnowALL, a tool that understands what it reads by utilizing a lexicon of more than 100,000 words. In addition it reasons from the concepts that it understands.

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