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Overview: Robotics attempts to make machines that can perform many human-like tasks. An early robotics project was SHRDLU, which was a robotic arm controlled by a computer which exhibited deductive reasoning skills and was able to answer for its actions. Today, robotics has even made its way into toys and games with robotic dogs and building blocks.


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Robotics Information on the Internet
Robotics Education Project Robotics information and news with a focus on NASA's use of robotics.
The Robotics Institute At Carnegie Mellon University - conducts research combining theoretical and practical applications on robotic technology.
Robotics Internet Resources Page Robotics information and links on the Net
Robot Lawyer Corporation RobotLawyer(TM) is a knowledge-based expert system that generates all the words any lawyer needs to represent any client in any area of practice in any jurisdiction in any language.
UC Berkeley Robotics Lab Information on the projects currently underway at the UC Berkeley Robotics

Sponsors of PC AI - Neural Networks Vendors
Evolution Robotics offers a suite of products and services that enable OEM's and developers to build robots and robot applications quickly and creatively. The Evolution Robotics Software Platform enables creation of functional, personal robotic solutions that helps turn them into commercially viable products. The platform is available with a Hardware Kit enabling immediate prototyping and design.


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