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Expert Systems

Overview: Knowledge-based expert systems, or simply expert systems, use human knowledge to solve problems that normally would require human intelligence. These expert systems represent the expertise knowledge as data or rules within the computer. These rules and data can be called upon when needed to solve problems. Books and manuals have a tremendous amount of knowledge but a human has to read and interpret the knowledge for it to be used. Conventional computer programs perform tasks using conventional decision-making logic -- containing little knowledge other than the basic algorithm for solving that specific problem and the necessary boundary conditions. This program knowledge is often embedded as part of the programming code, so that as the knowledge changes, the program has to be changed and then rebuilt. Knowledge-based systems collect the small fragments of human know-how into a knowledge-base which is used to reason through a problem, using the knowledge that is appropriate. A different problem, within the domain of the knowledge-base, can be solved using the same program without reprogramming. The ability of these system to explain the reasoning process through back-traces and to handle levels of confidence and uncertainty provides an additional feature that conventional programming don't handle.

Most expert systems are developed via specialized software tools called shells. These shells come equipped with an inference mechanism (backward chaining, forward chaining, or both), and require knowledge to be entered according to a specified format (all of which might lead some to categorize OPS5 as a shell). They typically come with a number of other features, such as tools for writing hypertext, for constructing friendly user interfaces, for manipulating lists, strings, and objects, and for interfacing with external programs and databases. These shells qualify as languages, although certainly with a narrower range of application than most programming languages. For more detailed information on expert system shells, see the "Expert System Shells at Work" series by Schmuller PC AI, (1991, 1992).

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Expert Systems Information on the Internet
ACACIA-Knowledge Acquisition for Explainable, Multi-Expert SystemsA multidisciplinary project that offers models, methods, and tools to help to acquire knowledge form multiple expertise sources. 
Aion - Intelligent ComponentsTechnical Overview of the Aion product from Computer Associates.
Artificial Intelligence / Expert Systems of AAAAmerica Accounting Association (AAA) contains information on Rutgers Accounting Web, USC Gopher listing for AAA annual meeting, the AI/ES Section Newsletter, teaching materials, and more. 
Case-Based ReasoningAI-CBR archive for case-based reasoning email forum including back issues, information on joining, and a CBR Home Page. 
Clips - A Tool for Building Expert SystemsWhat are expert systems, what is CLIPS, obtaining a copy of CLIPS 6.0, history of CLIPS, and many more links. 
Clips (4.3) - Mac ArchiveThis compiler allows AI research, development, and delivery on conventional computers. Developed at NASA, it supports forward chaining, Rete algorithm for pattern matching, wildcards/variables in definable fields, and external functions such as linking to other code. (1/23/92 BinHex 4.0, StuffIt 1.51) (Intermittent). 
CMU Artificial Intelligence Expert System RepositoryCMU Artificial Intelligence Expert System Repository -- Contains expert system benchmarks, archives, FAQ, shells, knowledge representation files and software, as well as other expert system and knowledge-based system related information. 
Conceptually Oriented Description Environment (CODE4)A system for knowledge management: acquisition, analysis, and retrieval is intended for analyzing, debugging, and delivering knowledge about some domain. It is designed to be easily adaptable to many applications, such as natural language processing, software specification and design, expert systems, general terminological analysis, or teaching subjects such as biology or UNIX. 
CorticonDecision Management Software - Expert System technology for the world of Web Services . 
Decision/Risk AnalysisLinks to information on decision/risk analysis which is a philosophy, a body of knowledge, and a professional practice for the logical illumination of decision problems; it simultaneously considers the uncertain, dynamic, and complex consequences of a decision, as well as the assignment of value to its consequences. Many large and important problems covering the spectrum of business, government, medicine, and law have been successfully treated by decision analysis. Applications have been made to such problems as evaluating hazardous processes, research and development, and energy investment. 
Enterprise Information Integration (Carnot Project)MCC project addresses the problem of logically unifying physically distributed, enterprise wide, heterogeneous information. Carnot provides a user with the means to navigate information efficiently and transparently, to update that information consistently, and to write applications easily for large, heterogeneous, distributed information systems -- systems where resources may even reside on the conventional, closed environments that pervade businesses worldwide. 
Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory (EKSL)Univ of MA research includes: the CLIP/CLASP project; designing autonomous agents; adaptable planner for a complex, real-time environment; interactive steering of complex systems; monitoring plan execution in dynamic environments; empirical methods for artificial intelligence; intelligent scientific assistant; multi-stream dependency detection; and causal modeling. 
Expert SystemsFrom About.com, links to sites with tools, software, information about expert systems
Expert Systems ResourcesA list of books dealing with expert systems
Expert System Shells FAQOther sources of information, bibliography of expert systems books, introductions, documentation, periodicals, conference proceedings, 'Real-time' expert systems, free/cheap expert system shells, commercial expert system shells, associations, and glossary. 
First AIDLearn about th expert system in development designed to assist in fault diagnosis.
Knowledge Query & Manipulation Language (KQML)This is a public directory for information and software related to the design, development, and use of the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language. 
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning GroupItalian research projects which includes natural language processing and communication, mechanized reasoning, neural networks for complex data analysis, interactive room, and multimedia information database exploration. 
Knowledge Science Institute (KSI) at the University of CalgaryStudies aspects of the knowledge economy through multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical research activities. It tracks social and economic trends involving information technology; develops operational models of knowledge processes in society; innovations in knowledge acquisition, representation, and dissemination technologies. 
Knowledge Systems Lab (KSL) at Stanford UnivFocuses on knowledge representation for sharable engineering knowledge bases and systems, computational environments for modeling physical devices, architectures for adaptive intelligent systems, and expert systems for science and engineering. 
Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence Research (University of Ohio) The strategy used by LAIR is to focus on complex real-world tasks, such as engineering, medical problem solving, or speech perception. 
The Logic GroupThe Logic Group is a research team dedicated to the study of logical systems, i.e. dynamic systems capable of storing, communicating, manipulating, and using information in the form of logical expressions (constraints, equations, negations, disjunctions, rules, and so forth). 
LookSmart - Expert SystemsLinks to FAQs, tools, publications, etc.
OSHAOSHA Advisors are Expert System applications. They are free to the public. 
Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP) Web Site This project tackles age-old philosophical questions, concerning metasystems, with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies. Transition theory is the name given to the evolutionary world-view which PCP is developing. This node links to the major theoretical results of PCP and the project organization which details the practical methods and tools used by PCP. 
Qualitative Reasoning (QR) Research Group Univ of TexasResearch includes: spatial reasoning and intelligent robotics (TOUR and SSH) and access-limited logic for knowledge representation (Algernon). Part of the AI Lab and the Computer Science Department. 
Research Groups at the Center for Advanced Medical Informatics (CAMIS) Historical projects such as Dendral, Mycin, Emycin, as well as other special projects. 
Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory (KSL) Network ServicesProvides a network services accessible by most network browser. Some services are simply hyperwebs of static documents such as those commonly found on the web. Others are dynamic virtual documents or services such as interactive knowledge base editing. 

Sponsors of PC AI - Expert Systems Vendors

A I Developers, Inc.
A I Developers, Inc. is the maker of EZ-Xpert 3.0, an end-user development environment creates rule-based systems with speed and accuracy. End users build and maintain complete systems using only the Wizards and System Status Screen with no code to write. EZ-Xpert verifies the system for 23 verification criteria and generates ready-to-deploy code in C++ and Visual Basic. Conflict resolution is done by EX-Xpert so implementations can test over 20,000 rules per second. See their site for more information.  (www.ez-xpert.com
Amzi! Inc.
Expert system tools as well as building web-based advisors and problem solvers.
Knowledge based products and workforce management solutions, with
professional development teams and advanced technologies.

Exsys Inc.
EXSYS software tools are used for building probabilistic, knowledge-based expert systems that use expertise to assist people in decision-making, in performing a wide variety of functions. (info@exsys.com) 

Logic Programming Associates (LPA)
Providers of intelligent web tools, expert systems development tools, data mining, and prolog-based AI products for Windows and Macintosh. 

Provider of  multi-strategy decision support, data mining and text mining solutions and the corresponding APIs. Checkout PolyAnalyst and TextAnalyst systems for data and text mining.

The Haley Enterprise
THE HALEY ENTERPRISE specializes in automated reasoning and machine learning technologies for business rule processing, intelligent agents, information retrieval, and diagnosis. Visit website for product information, literature and to download software.

Other Expert Systems Vendors
Abtech Corporation Phone: (804)977-6086 Fax: (804)977-9615 
Acquired IntelligenceACQUIRE - a breakthrough in modelling knowledge; applications integrate with your homepage and other software applications; AI Inc places a high priority on customer support and services. See their site for on-line demos. 
American HeuristicsAHC is a technology transfer company that specializes in the research and development of advanced software technologies and their application to complex technical problems. 
Attar SoftwareAuthors of the XpertRule range of software for Knowledge-based development, resource optimization, and data mining.  (info@attar.com) 
Blaze SoftwareContains information about their products, services, support, as well as their latest press information. 
Brightware CorporationHome page for Brightware including demonstrations, product information, and upcoming events.
CECASE - University of KansasLISP-based language allows development of Case based reasoning applications. 
Comdale Technologies (Canada) Inc.Intelligent software/services for industrial automation and real-time applications. info@comdale.com
AI Squared Compuserve 71652.2111 
Cognisys Consultants Inc info@churchill.com 
Dymond and Associates, LLCExpert system technology in the SAS environment
GensymCorporate information, press releases, product descriptions. 
info@gensym.com; service@gensym.com; ftp.gensym.com (
G6G Consulting GroupResearch & consulting company specializing in AI and Intelligent software/hardware. 
Gold Hill IncProduct information, service and support contracts. (73312.730@compuserve.com) 
Gordian InstituteA division of American Heuristics Corporation whose mission is to facilitate the transfer of new technologies through first-rate, hands-on, intensive training courses. New courses are added to the curriculum as advancing technologies become sufficiently mature to warrant commercial attention.
Grady Ward (grady@netcom.com) (ftp.netcom/pub/gr/grady) 
HarlequinExperienced in symbolic processing, electronic publishing. Information includes product and service information, applications, and more. 
Hess ConsultingCompany information on their consulting services.
ICaR SystemsHas a legal expert system running online and demo available for download. 
ILOGCompany information, press releases, product data sheets, white papers, articles. 
(info@ilog.com) (ftp.ilog.com) 
Inference CorporationHome page for Inference including demonstrations, product information, and upcoming events. (akiha@inference.com) 
IntelligenceWare us000272@pop3.interramp.com 
Intelligent Machines Inc imi@netcom.com 
Intellisystems Inc. www.intellisystems.com 
Intellix A/SIntellix A/S produces intelligent software for creating internet agents, expert systems for HelpDesk, support, sales, advice, etc. 
Int'l Journal of Applied Expert SystemsSubscription I, editorial board, and other information.
Knowledge GardenOO multimedia and ES development tools. (info@kgarden.com) 
Knowledge Based EngineeringProvides specialist solutions and consultancy with the use of intelligent computer-basedtechnology. Distributor of Gensym's G2 real-time expert system.
Knowledge Broker Inc.Software products and services.
Knowledge Technologies Int'lSpecializes in software development using blackboard technology. Products including Generic Blackbaord Builder, NetGBB, ChalkBox, GBB Runtime and a GBB demonstraton application. (413)256-8990; (800)577-8990.
J. Markowitz Consulting Markwitz@steve.iit.edu 
Matrikon Group of Companies www.matrikon.com/consulting/expert/consulting.htm 
MODiCO Inc. MODICO@aol.com 
New Art Inc. newart@panix.com 
NorthStar Consulting Northstr@ix.netcom.com 
ORSIORSI's products include ExAd, a graphical Expert System based on fuzzy logic. mkt@orsiweb.com 
OXKOCoporate data, product and services information 
Pennington Systems IncorporatedPennington's XTRAN is an expert system for manipulating computer languages. 
Production Systems TechnologyTheir CLIPS/R2 product is an implementation of the CLIPS rule and an object based expert systems tool. 
Phone: (412)683-4000, Fax: (412)683-6347, Email: info@pst.com 
RoboWiz Corporation (pdfisk@ibm.net) (75253.3274@compuserve.com) 
The Schwartz Associates tjs333@juno.com www.zoom.com/tsa 
SoftLaw CorporationThe SoftLaw Group provides products and services which enable the delivery of electronic publishing and decision support applications within public and corporate administration. The Group produces Statute E-Publish and Statute Expert, software for the production of electronic documents and expert system applications. 
Talarian CorporationCoporate data, product and services information 
TeknowledgeSoftware products and consulting services for commercial and defense applications. 
Wise Web WareCreates Internet-based expert systems, multimedia courseware, business solutions. 
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