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Machine Learning

Still under construction. None at this time. 
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Algorithm A sequence of steps for solving a problem. 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) The science of making machines do things which would require intelligence if they were done by humans. 
Accelerator Card A printed circuit board that augments the computer's main microprocessor. 
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) A form of interprocess communication. When two or more programs that support DDE run simultaneously, they can exchange information and commands. 
Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Allows executable routines -- generally serving a specific function or set of functions -- to be stored separately (as files with DLL extensions) that loaded only when needed by a program that calls them. 
Graphical User Interface (GUI) A type of display format that enables the user to choose commands, start programs, and see lists of files and other options by pointing to pictorial representations (icons) and lists of menu items on the screen. 
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Modeling and Simulation

Modeling The use of mathematics to describe a situation or a physical object. Mathematical formulas can be used to manipulate data, to develop business plans and projections, or to evaluate the impact of proposed changes on a company's operations and financial status. 
Simulation Using a model to mimic a process.
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CD-ROM An acronym for compact disc read-only memory. Uses laser optics for reading data. High capicity storage. 
Hypermedia A system of information storage and retrieval. The information includes video, sound, or graphics that are integrated into a nonsequential order. The integration of graphics, sound, and video into an information storage and retrieval. 
Hypertext Primarily text information linked together in a nonsequential web of associations for storage and retrieval. 
Multimedia The combination of sound, graphics, animation, and video. 
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