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General AI Information

AI FAQ Follow the link at the left to find information on general artificial intelligence.  See Subject "1-10" for a list of AI terms.
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Genetic Algorithms

Crossover Operation Two parental programs are selected based on fitness.  A subtree from one program is deleted and a subtree from the other program replaces it.  Predominant operation in genetic programming.
Genetic Algorithm An algorithm that mimics evolution and natural selection to solve a problem.
Mutation Operation Removes a subtree from a single parent program and another tree is grown in its place through a random growth process.
Reproduction Operation A single program is copied into the next generation.
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Help Desk

Call Center Glossary Link to a list of frequently used terms used in call centers.
Help Desk A call center that handles questions about products.  The term most often refers to technical support centers for computers/software.
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Intelligent Agents

Bot Short for robot, this term is often used interchangeably with "intelligent agent."  It is a tool for sifting through data and can be tailored to perform a specific function (e.g. shopping bot)
Intelligent Agent Software that is given a particular mission, carries out that mission, and then reports back to the user.
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Intelligent Applications

None at this time See General AI Terms for more info
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